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03/20/04Miami Herald / Associated Press: Drug imports a reality, FDA is told

Consumers aren't waiting for permission -- they're already managing to import their medicines, a panel was told at a hearing on imports. A government panel exploring whether prescription drugs can be safely imported got a clear answer Friday from consumer advocates who said Americans already are doing it to cope with skyrocketing pharmacy bills. ''It's a reality now because the United States government has failed to develop a model that assures drugs are affordable to Americans,'' Gail Shearer of Consumers Union said at the panel's first meeting at Food and Drug Administration headquarters in suburban Maryland. Click Here to read the whole article.

3/16/2004 Associated Press: AARP will lobby for Canadian drugs - The nation's largest seniors group has launched a campaign to make cheaper Canadian drugs available to Americans. The 35 million-member AARP says it'll lobby drug companies, Congress and the Bush administration to legalize the imports. The group also is running television and newspaper ads nationwide. Click Here to read the whole article.

3/15/2004 Seattle Time: Seattle to look at Canadian drugs - The rising cost of prescription drugs is giving the city of Seattle a pain in the budget. Some city leaders believe they've found a remedy: getting city workers to buy their medicines from Canada, where prices average 30 to 80 percent less for many drugs. Springfield, Mass., was the first city in this country to put in place such a program. The former mayor of the Bay State's third-largest city has this advice for Seattle: Go for it. Click Here to read the whole article.

3/14/2004 Boston Globe: City May Import Medicines / Canadian drugs could save up to $2.4 million. Pressed by surging health care costs, officials in Newton are gingerly taking steps toward defying federal law and importing prescription drugs from Canada for city employees. The program could be implemented within months and could save the city an estimated $2.4 million next year. Under the plan being discussed, the money would be divided between the city and the schools, providing a financial windfall for cash-strapped departments. Click Here to read the entire story.

3/13/2004 AP: White House, GOP forced to take new look at Canadian drugs - The Bush administration and Republican congressional leaders are being forced to take a hard new look at the idea of importing cheaper prescription drugs from foreign countries as an election-year clamor grows for removing prohibitions. WASHINGTON - Continuing increases in prescription drug prices - the fastest growing item in health care - and the pitched partisan battle over the new Medicare law have given the topic greater prominence in Congress and on the campaign trail. AARP, the 35-million-member seniors' group that gave Republican-backed Medicare legislation a critical endorsement last year, backs allowing imports. So do two Republican senators, former GOP leader Trent Lott of Mississippi and John Cornyn of Texas, both changing their position in recent days. And so do nearly two-thirds of Americans, according to a recent AP poll. Drug importation has become a proxy for talking about the high cost of prescription drugs in the United States. Spending on prescription drugs is the fastest-growing component of health care costs, rising 15.3 percent in 2002. Drug costs are expected to outstrip the overall growth in health care spending for the next 10 years, and that projection doesn't even take into account the new Medicare prescription drug benefit that begins in 2006. Many economists believe the change will lead to an additional increase in costs. ''We're not talking about an academic situation. We're talking about seniors who are going to bed tonight making the decision whether to pay for prescription drugs or to eat,'' Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., an author of an importation bill, said at a hearing this week. Click Here to read the whole article.

3/12/2004 McCain pushes for import of Canadian pharmaceuticals - Support is growing, including from Arizona Sen. John McCain, to allow for the importation of less-expensive Canadian prescription drugs into the U.S. The McCain-chaired Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee held hearings on the matter Thursday. The McCain panel grilled the Bush administration's choice to run the Medicare and Medicaid systems over opposition to drug-importation plans. Click Here to read the whole story.

3/9/2004 Senator Jerry Cooper (D-Morrison) continued his push for a pilot program of importing prescription drugs from Canada. Cooper said such a program could result in significant savings for Tennesseans. "Prescription drug costs are rising at an alarming rate," Cooper said. "It's not unusual to see double-digit increases in prescription drug prices from year-to-year. What's truly shocking is that Americans pay far more for the same drug as citizens in Canada and other countries around the world. Tennessee citizens should be paying a fair price for prescription drugs. We need to explore every possible option for lowering drug costs." Click Here to read the whole story.


June 21, 2003 New York Times

Senate Votes to Allow Importing of Prescription Drugs From Canada

WASHINGTON, June 20 The Senate voted overwhelmingly today to let pharmacists import prescription drugs from Canada and resell them in the United States, so consumers here could benefit from lower Canadian prices.

It was the second time in less than a year that the Senate had taken such a stand.



May 8th, 2003 Washington Post

Canada to Guarantee Imported Medicine.

The Canadian government has officially said that it will be responsible for the safety and quality of the large and growing flow of prescription drugs across the border to American consumers, a clarification long sought by U.S. officials.

In an official document posted late last week, the Canadian health ministry said all imported drugs must be equally safe and effective whether they are for use by Canadians or for export.


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