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US consumers deserve information and access to affordable prescription medications.

The soaring cost of prescription drugs is a national dilemma that has caused families to choose between taking medication and paying for their grocery bills.This website was created to provide consumers information on issues related to prescription medicine, safety and cost-saving tips, and programs to help low-income Americans pay for prescription medications.

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"70 million Americans cannot afford the prescriptions they need. That's the latest, according to public citizen's congress watch. We have new information on a program that may help. Discount Rx Mart is a Canadian pharmacy program. It offers free and low cost prescription drugs and medical care for people who qualify. You can get both brand name and generic drugs. Log onto www.discountrxmart.com  ... "

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Canadian government regulates the price of prescription drugs, so you can save hundreds of dollars per year by ordering your prescription drugs from Canadian Pharmacies.  Many US municipalities and states are encouraging their citizens to consider buying their prescription medications from a Canada.

Pharmacies in Canada are llicensed and governed by both local and federal laws and regulation of Canada. Many of the regulations governing Canadian pharmacies are similar to regulations applicable to pharmacies licensed in the United States.

Free & Low Cost Medicine Alternatives


Free Medicine Program

Free Prescription Drugs - free medication is available to those in financial need, no matter what your age. Over 5.5 million patients received free prescriptions and free medicine in 2002 alone!

Free Medical Care - Free and low cost health care is available to those that can not afford to pay.

Instant Saving at your neighborhood Pharmacies - Point of sale prescription card savings are available at over 40,000 pharmacies with no deductibles, exclusions or paper work with #1 prescription plan in America today!

Veteran Prescription Savings - Find out how to receive a 30 days supply of your prescription medicine for only $7 or free of charge.

Prescription Drug Manufacturer Discounts - Substantial savings are available to those that qualify on their prescription medication.

State Prescription Assistance Programs - Some sates provide prescription drug assistance to those in need.

NEW Discount Medical Supplies - Savings of up to 50% or more from wholesale medical supply company selling directly to the public.

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